Louis Theroux announces three new documentaries to be shown in November 1 year ago

Louis Theroux announces three new documentaries to be shown in November

New Louis Theroux is always a good thing

Louis Theroux is a national treasure. His dweebish persona manages to perfectly put his subjects at ease, letting them slowly reveal themselves to the camera. Whether he is speaking to victims of head trauma or members of the Westboro Baptist Church, he treats people as actual human beings, making films that can be times hilarious, or moving, or shocking - and often all three.

While his breakthrough Weird Weekends series from the late 1990s tended to have a comedic bent, in the following years his films have take on heavier subjects - recent documentaries of his have included films on transgender children, alcoholism, and violent crime.

No matter the topic though, they have always been brilliant, essential television.

It has been nearly two years since his last series of films - the three-part Dark States, filmed in the US, and the one-off Talking To Anerxioa.

It is, therefore, excellent news to hear that there is a new series of Theroux docs coming soon.

Speaking to The Sun at The National Lottery Awards this week, Theroux confirmed that he is about to return to BBC 2.

"I’ve got a series coming up, it's coming out in November," he told The Sun. "I can’t say much about it. But it’s a three-parter and it’s set in America. BBC 2."

So we don't know what it is about, but we are down for whatever Theroux does next.

Asked about some possible subjects, he didn't let anything slip but did tease some interesting potential future projects.

"Trump would be amazing.

"I always used to say R Kelly, because there were allegations over sexual misconduct. But I think BBC 3 might have done a documentary about some alleged sexual misdeeds so that horse might have bolted.

"I follow the Weinstein allegations avidly and I think there is something really interesting with that, but I haven't figured out how you would get into it."

If you can't wait until November though, the BBC recently uploaded a ton of his old films onto the iPlayer.