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04th Jun 2018

Lost Voice Guy already knows how he’ll spend his Britain’s Got Talent winnings

He took home the £250,000 grand prize on Sunday

Kyle Picknell

A deserving winner.

Newcastle born Lee Ridley, otherwise known as ‘Lost Voice Guy’ took Britain’s Got Talent by storm this year and claimed the £250,000 first prize during Sunday’s live final.

Ridley suffers from cerebral palsy, which as you probably don’t need me to explain due to the title of his act, has meant the loss of his voice. He has never let it hold him back, however, and worked as a journalist before honing his routine as a standup comedian.

When asked what he was going to do with all the money, Lee had the perfect response, simply stating that he wants to replace the ‘posh Robocop’ tone of his voice synthesizer.

“For a start, I’d get a Geordie accent for my iPad!” he told The Sun.

He went on to add: “I also think I’d like to help the people who got me to where I am. I have several support workers who help me get to all of my gigs, so I’d like to reward them properly for all their hard work.

“My family have always supported me as well, and let’s face, doing stand up comedy when you can’t even speak is a pretty crazy dream, so I’d buy them all something nice too.”

“But, most of all, I also want to become best mates with Ant and Dec.”

Even after a bad fall in the hotel he was staying at last week before the final, Lost Voice Guy continued to showcase the unique humour that has made him a deserving champion of Britain’s Got Talent this year.

Whether Ant & Dec & Lost Voice Guy actually become a trio is a different matter altogether.