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22nd Nov 2018

Loose Women got Mr Blobby on to talk about Brexit

Wil Jones

Mr Blobby thunderously tumbling through a TV set, destroying everything and generally causing havoc is a pretty obvious metaphor for the current state of Theresa May’s Brexit negotiations

Ok, that is not exactly high-level satire. But it was kind of what happened on ITV1 today.

Loose Women got Mr Blobby on to speak about Brexit. That is where we are now as a society. This is 2018.

Presenter Jane Moore as the polka-dotted expert how EU tariffs would affect the UK Treasury.

His response consisted of saying the word “Blobby” several times. That’s kind of his deal.

Blobby was actually on the show to tie in with Noel Edmond’s appearance on I’m A CelebrityGet Me Out Of Here.

He also hung out with from TOWIE.