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14th Jul 2021

Loki season 2 has been confirmed by Disney

Kieran Galpin

The God of Mischief will be returning for season two.

The market for TV is undeniably oversaturated, and yet, Marvel has done a tremendous job at introducing original and unique takes on typical television tropes. Their third instalment Loki, which followed the life of the Trickster god after his branch from the original timeline, has just concluded the season with its sixth episode. However, in a mid-credits scene, it was revealed that Loki would be returning for season two.

Unlike the other two series, Loki has announced that it will be returning for another instalment. Also, following the conclusion of its final episode, lead actor Tom Hiddleston shared a cryptic message on Twitter.

Wandavision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier were incredibly successful, with the former getting a remarkable 23 Emmy nominations. Though their entertainment facts are undeniable, the shows have also dealt with huge sociological issues like mental health, poverty, racism, and PTSD.

Loki was also applauded for its subtle inclusion of the LGBTQ community. Though both Marvel and Disney have been criticised for their lack of representation, they have ensured that this will be changing in the near future. Part of that was Loki, who, like his comic counterpart, was shown to be gender fluid and later bisexual.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is also pegged as an ongoing series, but when these new instalments are released, is currently unannounced. With What If…?, Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye, Moon Knight, She-Hulk, and Secret Invasion also in the works, we could be waiting a while for the god of mischief to return to our screens.

Marvel has quickly dominated almost all aspects of our lives. Its films used to be the centre point for the franchise, but now, their shows that air on Disney+ is quickly dominating headlines and earning the respect of fans across the world. But don’t fear because if Marvel has their way, you won’t be missing your superhero content for long.