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17th Dec 2016

Little Mix’s Leigh Anne reveals far too much information whilst her mic is still on


Cassie Delaney

No doubt she can see the funny side.

Little Mix are usually quite forthcoming in interviews and have been known to share secrets.

They often sing about boys and sex so it’s no surprise that the girls get asked questions repeatedly about exes and relationships.

Sometimes though, they bring it up just because they have dirty minds.

That’s what happened in a recent interview with Refinery 29 when the girls were asked to admit to something they’ve done that they would never do again.

Leigh Anne pitches in saying that she has something but it’s too explicit which is enough to set Perrie and Jade into a fit of giggles.

Jesy needed a bit of prompting though but when Leigh Anne whispered into her ear she didn’t realise the overhead mic was on.

She blatantly tells her bandmate that anal is something she’s not keen to revisit.

While the others watch on, Jesy exclaims “really?!”

Before adding, “well if he’s cute yes…”

Watch the moment below.


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