Little Ant and Dec have quit Saturday Night Takeaway 2 years ago

Little Ant and Dec have quit Saturday Night Takeaway

It's unlikely they will be replaced.

In a move that is likely to shock weekend evening television fans up and down the country, it has been announced that Little Ant and Dec have quit Saturday Night Takeaway.

The present pair, Neil Overend and Haydn Reid, took over from longstanding duo James Pallister and Dylan McKenna-Redshaw in 2013

An ITV source told The Daily Mail that the two current kids had 'outgrown their roles' and they would be exiting the show in order to focus on their exams.

"Little Dec has his SATs next year and Little Ant is moving to high school so it felt like the right time for them to move on and focus on their studies," they said.

To be fair on them, they've had a good running, being given the chance to interview stars like Jennifer Lawrence, David Beckham,  Wayne Rooney, and even former Labour Prime Minister / Tory war criminal Tony Blair.