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11th Jan 2019

The lineup for tonight’s Graham Norton Show is excellent

Paul Moore

Now that’s a good couch…

It’s a new year, but The Graham Norton Show is poised to return with yet another extremely strong line-up to kick off 2019.

Here’s a look at who’s going to be on the couch on tonight’s show…

James McAvoy

After unleashing The Beast in Split, it’s time for the talented Scottish actor to follow that up in Glass, the concluding chapter of M. Night Shyamalan’s superhero trilogy. The star of X-Men is always good fun on the couch and he’ll definitely be in good spirits because beside him is…

Sarah Paulson

American Horror Story fans will definitely know the talented actress and after an impressive turn in Ocean’s 8, she’s the latest name to join the Glass ensemble.

In the film, she plays the psychiatrist Dr. Ellie Staple and she’s also set to play the greatest villain in the history of cinema, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’s malicious Nurse Ratched, in a new TV show.

Oh yeah, she’s also hilarious.

Richard E. Grant

“I demand to have some booze!”

Withnail and I will always be a cult-classic but the star of that film has got a new film to promote, Can You Ever Forgive Me? We also think his upcoming role in a little film called Star Wars: Episode IX will also get a mention.

Steve Coogan

Alan Partridge himself will be on to talk about his new film Stan and Ollie, where he plays Stan Laurel. It’s not fair to mention Stan without his partner in crime…

John C. Reilly

Dale Doback! Nah, the star of Magnolia and Step Brothers is always an absolute riot and he’s bound to be good value for a few laughs.


They’re back and they’re flying without wings again.

You know the time and place. 10.35pm on BBC One. Enjoy.