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05th Nov 2017

Liam Gallagher responds to tabloid story about getting drunk with Shane MacGowan

The Daily Star claimed Liam and The Pogues frontman MacGowan drink together but can't understand each other

Rich Cooper

Liam Gallagher and Shane MacGowan walk into a pub.

There’s no punchline here, because the carnage sure to come from this scenario would go beyond funny and into the realms of the incomprehensible, and according to The Daily Star, ‘incomprehensible’ is the key word.

The tabloid recently ran a story saying that the former Oasis and Pogues frontmen get together in the Boogaloo pub in North London, but because of their respective accents, the pair can’t understand each other.

“It’s hilarious to watch the pair of them together,” a source told the Daily Star.

“Shane is still in a wheelchair after he fractured his pelvis a couple of years ago, but Liam is always jumping up and down as he tells his stories. But they aren’t really conversing – they’re just telling their own stories to each other one after the other.

“Shane mumbles something Liam can’t understand, then Liam gets up and starts jumping up and down talking about Oasis and his solo career.”

But Liam has since come out to rubbish the claims, saying that not only has he never got drunk with MacGowan, he’s never even met him.

Tabloids making up stories? Who’d’ve thought it? That said, maybe this will lead to a fateful meeting between the two frontmen. Owners of the Boogaloo get ready, Liam and Shane might be coming to visit.