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23rd Mar 2017

Lenny Abrahamson’s follow up to Room has one hell of a background story

An incredible story

Tony Cuddihy

If ever a true story was made for the movie treatment, it’s this.

Lenny Abrahamson is set to direct a film based on the book ‘Burning Rainbow Farm,’ the story of Tom Crosslin and Rollie Rohm.

Crosslin and Rohm ran a “peaceful and pot-friendly haven” in Michigan – the titular Rainbow Farm – which was a haven for people who liked to smoke, with the annual music festival a particularly popular event in the 1990s.

During one of the farm’s events, a teenager crashed his car and his death was the first in a series of catastrophic events.

The police raided the farm, took the couple’s son, with Crosslin and Rohm subsequently burning everything to the ground.

What followed was a showdown with deeply tragic consequences.

Dublin-born Abrahamson has previously directed Adam and Paul, Garage, What Richard Did, Frank and the Oscar-winning Room, starring Brie Larson.