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14th Jan 2017

Last night’s Coronation Street episode brought many viewers to tears

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Cathy Donohue


There were emotional scenes on Coronation Street this week as Michelle Connor gave birth to her stillborn son, whom she named Ruairi, after going into labour at 23 weeks.

On tonight’s episode, viewers saw Michelle and Steve refused a birth certificate for Ruairi before they had to say goodbye to their little boy.

Fans took to Twitter to express their sadness and praise Kym Marsh for her portrayal of Michelle.

As you may be aware, Kym’s son Archie Jay was stillborn and his eight anniversary takes place next month.

It upset her greatly that she didn’t get a birth certificate for her son and this has encouraged her to campaign so that the law changes.

in conversation with The Mirror, she said:

“The fact I didn’t get a birth certificate for Archie means that when I’m gone there’s no record of him.

“He won’t be on our family tree and yet I gave birth to him. We celebrate his birthday every year and let off balloons.

“My daughter Polly knows she had a brother yet there is no record of his birth”.