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06th Feb 2017

Kim Woodburn and Phillip Schofield get into awkward confrontation over CBB

Car crash telly at its most car-crashy.


Kim Woodburn got into a heated exchange of views with Phillip Schofield on the This Morning sofa today.

It wasn’t quite a slanging match but it wasn’t peaches and cream either. Woodburn joined Phil and Holly Willoughby on the show to discuss her time in the Celebrity Big Brother house, which could be charitably described as tempestuous.

During the interview, Woodburn was shown clips from CBB and was asked what she thought. “I look back with sadness that it came to that and I said those things, but I’m not sorry I said them,” she replied.

“What was happening to me, you’d have to have been a saint and I’m not. I’ve apologised for using the word beginning with ‘F’ and that’s the only shame I feel.”

The interview then took a confrontational turn, with Woodburn and Schofield trading barbs over the former How Clean Is Your House? star’s behaviour in the house.

Woodburn complained that the house was “filthy, dirty and stinky”, Schofield suggested that she was “the best person to clean it up”, which Woodburn objected to.

“No I am not,” she said. “I went on there to be a housemate, not a cleaner.”

She then went on to slag off her fellow housemates, branding them “cowards” and “disgusting”.

Woodburn famously got into several rows with different housemates during her time in the house, and told Schofield and Willoughby of her disdain for Nicola McLean.

“She caused everything,” Woodburn said. “A nasty piece of work. When you have seven or eight people that are frightened to offend you – and she’s a force to be reckoned with.

“But she hasn’t reckoned with me yet. She told me in no uncertain terms and I thought ‘you cheeky madam’, and she said ‘we don’t argue in this house’.

“And I said ‘says who?’ but it was nothing to do with her was it? She’s not momma of the house.”

That’s not even the end of it. She then went on to call Coleen Nolan a “horrible person” who didn’t deserve to win.

“Jedward should have won. And you know why? Those boys were themselves. Honest, good boys. It was a cheat.”

Schofield has to take some of the blame for the heated nature of the interview, asking questions that teetered on the line between cheeky and inflammatory, but it’s clear that there’s very little love lost between Woodburn and her former housemates.

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