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28th Nov 2019

Kevin Smith has a message for Martin Scorsese about comic book movies

Wil Jones

Not enough people have seen The Rocketeer tbh

Superstar indie director Kevin Smith is back with a new movie – this time he returns to his iconic duo Jay and Silent Bob once again, played by himself and his childhood friend Jason Mewes. Jay and Silent Bob first appeared all the way back in Smith’s debut feature Clerks in 1994, and are back in fittingly titled Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.

We caught up with Kevin Smith when he was in London, and got him to pick his best and worst comic book movies. And he also gave us a passionate, eloquent explanation as to why Martin Scorsese is wrong to say that superhero films are not ‘cinema’.

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is in UK cinemas November 29th.