Kenan and Kel are reunited on the Tonight Show (Video) 6 years ago

Kenan and Kel are reunited on the Tonight Show (Video)

To a certain generation, these two were comedy geniuses hidden away in the upper echelons of digital television...

Kenan and Kel were staples of the early days of satellite dishes and cable proliferating around the country, and were Nickelodeon's headline act before Spongebob Squarepants and co came along.


But now - a good two decades since their heyday - the stars of the show have finally been reunited for a comedy sketch, courtesy of Jimmy Fallon.

Is it true? It is indeed...

Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell appeared on the Tonight Show in a skit based on their 1997 cult hit 'Good Burger', and the jokes were just as brilliantly juvenile as ever.

Check out their antics in the video below. Or in the immortal words of Kenan and Kel: Aww, here it goes!