Keith Richards is the latest celebrity to have his account hacked with weird series of tweets 6 years ago

Keith Richards is the latest celebrity to have his account hacked with weird series of tweets

Following the hacking of Tenacious D's Twitter account earlier, which resulted in a hoax tweet claiming Jack Black had died, further celebrity accounts have been hacked.

The teenager who accessed Tenacious D's account has been going under the pseudonym "Ruthless", but now somebody has gained access to rock and roll legend Keith Richards' account, and is going under the pseudonym "Factor".


Both hackings are almost identical in detail, and seem likely to be linked.

While the hacker who gained access to the Tenacious D account requested that people follow his personal Twitter account, the person who hacked into Keith Richard's account has done the same.

They wrote:


"Follow me @Factor !!!! I just hacked this acccount hahahahah i hope you all die of cancer".

The tweet has subsequently been deleted, as have subsequent tweets about blowing up aeroplanes.


It also appears that Ryan Dunn's Twitter account has been hacked. Dunn died in 2011, but a tweet was sent from his account today.


While the hackings might be relatively harmless and come across as an act of schoolboy vandalism, the fact that the accounts of numerous celebrities are being broken into on Twitter raises concerns about security on the social network.

The Facebook accounts/pages of the celebrities haven't been broken into, and "Ruthless" told The Mirror:


“All I have done is accessed his Twitter and Email, nothing more, nothing less.

“The way I accessed the accounts is hardly known by people out there but a select few people have access to the components used.

“Jack doesn't have his Twitter back and I am waiting for him to email me so that I can return it to him.”

The hacker says he isn't bothered if he gets caught.

“If I was to get caught, it really wouldn't surprise me.


“But then again, I couldn't really give a flying f***.

“If I get caught, I get caught. Nothing I can do at the end of the day.”