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23rd Feb 2017

Katy Perry’s set at the Brits featured a hilarious balls-up as her dancer falls off stage

Who didn't see this coming?

Paul Moore

Ah, the Brit Awards.

There’s something about the biggest event in the British music calendar that just encourages people to be a little bit more daring and in many cases, fall flat on their arse.

We all remember moments like Jarvis Cocker interrupting Michael Jackson, Liam Gallagher throwing the microphone into the crowd and Madonna falling off the stage, but we’ve a new incident to add to this list and it concerns a house.

In a moment that would give Katy Perry’s own infamous ‘Left Shark’ viral sensation a good run for its money, a house fell off the stage during her politically-charged performance of Chained to the Rhythm.

Whatever the opposite to the term ‘safe as houses’ is, this is it.

A new meaning to the property market crash.

Take a look.

Clip via – Philthy Jones


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