Kanye West and Jay-Z have teased a Watch the Throne sequel 2 years ago

Kanye West and Jay-Z have teased a Watch the Throne sequel

Will we be getting a sequel to Watch the Throne?

Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill released his long-awaited album on Friday morning.


The album entitled Championships has been received quite well so far, but one verse has gathered more attention than any other.

Jay-Z's verse on 'What's Free' had a line which appeared to be dissing his former best friend Kanye West:

"No red hat, don’t Michael and Prince me and Ye/They separate you when you got Michael and Prince’s DNA."

The line itself is making a point to the media not to try and separate himself and 'Ye (Kanye West), the way that they did with Michael Jackson and Prince. The red hat line is a reference to Kanye West's recent support of Donald Trump.

Many believed that the line was an insult to Kanye, but Jay has since took to Twitter to explain that this is not the case.


This is where things get interesting, and Kanye weighed in to tease what would be one the biggest albums that could be released.

Watch the Throne was released in 2011, and was an extremely popular album, so we would be pretty damn excited to see a sequel.


We won't trust Kanye's comments too much though, as he has also teased a sequel to his Yeezus album, and absolutely nothing has happened since...

Ah well, we can dream.