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15th Dec 2017

Just Macaulay Culkin breaking out Home Alone tactics to interrupt a wrestling match

You're damn right this is a real story

Darragh Murphy

“This is my ring. I have to defend it!”

If you’ve been waiting your whole life to see the worlds of professional wrestling and John Hughes movies clash, you’re in luck.

Macaulay Culkin, star of the Christmas classic Home Alone, had his say on the outcome of a wrestling match this week as he employed techniques that his iconic character Kevin McCallister utilised to protect himself from a pair of would-be neighbourhood thieves in the film which finds itself at the top of most folks’ lists of favourite Christmas films.

Los Angeles’ Bar Wrestling organisation saw a tag team match take place between the Worlds Cutest Tag Team and Dick Justice vs. Peter Avalon, Ray Rosas and Swoggle on Thursday night when an unexpected figure interrupted proceedings.

Culkin aligned himself with the babyfaces as he tossed a bucket of balls into the ring from the outside, causing the bad guys to fall to the canvas, before flinging a bucket on a string into the face of former WWE superstar Hornswoggle.

Culkin then frog-splashed Swoggle from the middle rope and allowed Santa Claus to pin for the win.

Sporting a Hot Rod t-shirt, Culkin’s presence went down a storm and the raucous crowd greeted his interruption with chants of “Home Alone! Home Alone!”

It doesn’t get much more Christmassy than the man who played Kevin McCallister setting up Santa Claus for the win and we absolutely love it.