Jose Mourinho cracks down on Manchester United players' Pokemon Go adventures 5 years ago

Jose Mourinho cracks down on Manchester United players' Pokemon Go adventures

Football is just a game, but Pokemon Go is a lifestyle.

It's been pretty much impossible to avoid the phenomenon that has given us the kind of interactive experience we could only dream about as kids, and not even professional athletes can resist the lure of the augmented reality game.


Of course when you're supposed to be spending every second of every day concentrating hard on how to spend earning those thousands of pounds you are given every week, then you probably shouldn't allow yourself to get distracted by what is essentially a kids' game.


But even Premier League teams are having trouble making sure their players aren't getting too hooked on the game.

And now Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has had to lay down a ban on his team playing Pokemon Go in the 48 hours leading up to a match.


The Portuguese manager apparently believes that his players will not be able to focus on their tactics for any upcoming matches if they're too busy trying to find a way to catch something other than another bloody Ratatta.


"Jose loves having a great relationship with his players and staff, and thinks it's great for them to chill and relax away from training and games," a source told The Daily Star.

"He's still finding his way around Old Trafford and treading carefully.

"The only thing he has picked up on which he's told the lads of is his concern about Pokemon.

"He says for 48 hours before a match he wants the guys to leave it alone and concentrate on the tactics he and his staff have been working on in the days before."

It does seem a little harsh to us, considering Mourinho's "gotta catch 'em all" approach to the transfer market this summer.

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