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05th Mar 2018

Jordan Peele tweeted as soon as he won his Oscar and what he said was hilarious

James Dawson

It got 150,000 likes in 15 minutes.

How would you react to winning an Oscar? I mean really how would you react. You say you wouldn’t be fussed now, but think about it, you’re being honoured in front of millions. You’re being given the highest achievement in the entertainment industry. You can’t say that shit wouldn’t affect you at all, can you?

I mean, let’s face it, you’d probably lose it, wouldn’t you, realistically? Proper go wild. Be pretty confused. Question what the hell was going on.

In fact, you’d probably respond pretty much identically to Jordan Peele after he won ‘Best Original Screenplay’ tonight.

After he won an Oscar for his groundbreaking film Get Out he took straight to Twitter. And here’s what he said:

Je suis Jordan Peele. He is all of us.