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16th Jun 2018

Jonah Hill now has bright pink hair and a tattoo

James Dawson

He’s undergone a transformation again

Hollywood chameleon Jonah Hill has changed up his look by dying his hair pink and getting a new tattoo.

The 34-year-old actor has made a name for himself due to his fluctuating weight for roles – having tipped the scales at 18 stone for his part in War Dogs

However, this transformation is strictly a change to his #PersonalBrand – which apparently is now ‘Soundcloud rapper’.

In fairness, though, it is a stronger look than the one he was sporting in an image he posted three days ago – which can only be described as ‘man who really loves Dark Fruits and the Stone Roses’.

In terms of his career, Jonah has made a conscious effort to change direction over the past decade, after making a name of himself in buddy comedies like Superbad. His adoption of more serious parts led to him receiving a  Oscar nomination for his part in The Wolf of Wall Street.

“Being healthier came along with maturity,” he told New York magazine a few years ago. “And it’s hard, because a lot of times people want you to be the guy you were when they met you.

“I love doing funny movies, but I want to mature, literally, in how I treat myself. I’m not living in a frat house with a bong plastered to the table.

“But all this stuff (body image) is just part of maturing in body and in mind. I just want to be a good man and to make my family proud. And, you know, I want to live a long time.”