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06th May 2019

Something about Jon Snow and his wolf has annoyed a lot of people

Wil Jones

Good boys deserve more

You now the drill by now – this post contains spoilers for the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Proceed at your own risk.

The latest episode of the hit HBO show followed the epic Battle of Winterfell, and included the fallout from that momentous occurrence.

But the actions of one character drew a lot ire from a viewers.

Following the defeat of the Night King, Tormund and the Wildings are heading back north of the Wall. And Jon Snow- supposedly noble warrior and hero Jon Snow – told Tormund to take his beloved wolf Ghost with him.

Why? Because Ghost “belongs in the North”, apparently.

But Jon Snow didn’t even give him a goodbye pet. No belly rub, no ear scratch, no “Good boy”. Nothing.

Ghost just stared back at him, sadly.

Game of Thrones were not happy.

Even T-Pain was feeling it.