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07th Oct 2017

John Legend’s daughter Luna is the absolute spit of the singer as a child

It's uncanny - absolutely identical!

Anna O'Rourke

No need for a paternity test.

We’re big fans of the Legend-Teigens over here.

That’s why we were buzzing when the couple announced earlier this week that they’ll soon be starting IVF to try for baby number two.

Chrissy and John are already mum and dad to gorgeous baby Luna, who at just one and a half, looks like she rules the roost already.

So many silent Elmo’s. Finally, one that speaks! She is in love.

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As she gets ready to grow her family, Chrissy’s definitely feeling broody and has been going over old baby pictures.

She shared this one of John as a baby and he the absolute spit of little Luna. Like, the same person.

baby John = baby Luna

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Chrissy thinks so too, as she captioned the shot “baby John = baby Luna”.

Just to show how identical they are, here’s Luna up close.

jellies forever

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The next Legend-Teigen baby might be even more like John than their first, as Chrissy revealed earlier this year that their next baby will be a boy.

Like Luna, the baby will be conceived through a remaining embryo the couple already created during their last round of IVF and Chrissy explained that that embryo is male.