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28th Aug 2015

John McEnroe performs Nirvana to a real audience, no really

You cannot be serious...

Lia Nicholls

It’s not every day you see a seven-time grand slam tennis champion performing Nirvana.

John McEnroe took to the stage to channel his inner Kurt Cobain by covering Nirvana’s ‘Territorial P*ssings’. Yes, John McEnroe.

Wearing a black t-shirt, necklace and guitar, the former world No1 performed in New York on August 22 alongside his wife Patty Smyth, former frontwoman of the band Scandal, and New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist, reports Stereogum.

Page Six says Smyth performed a set that included the hits ‘Goodbye to You’ and ‘The Warrior’, inviting her famous tennis hubby up for the last song.

He goes for it, although the guitar escapes the famous McEnroe racket treatment…