JOE's Weekly Cheat Sheet #3: Docs and Dash Buttons 5 years ago

JOE's Weekly Cheat Sheet #3: Docs and Dash Buttons

Something everyone will be talking about...

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Video game-related telly is tricky to nail. Shows like GamesMaster, Thumb Bandits and VideoGaiden were all great, but it's been a while since anything troubled the mainstream slots.

Dara O Briain is looking to fix that, as he brings his new show, Go 8 Bit to Dave. Based on the live Edinburgh show of the same name, Go 8 Bit will pit celebrity guests against each other at a host of retro and modern-day games - anything from Pac-Man and Tetris to Grand Theft Auto and Fallout.

Expect competitive chaos.

Go 8 Bit starts tonight, 10pm, Dave

Something that'll make you (seem) cooler...



We don't need the late Ned Stark (RIP) to tell us that winter is coming.

That means your shiny white Reeboks might have to go back into the shoe cupboard for a while, as our attention turns to sturdier footwear than can put up a fight against the elements.

For decades Dr Martens have performed superbly in this department, but they're a bit heavy for some. That's why the brand new DM Lites are such a big deal. The boots have the same timeless look, but they're made with an ultra-lightweight sole for a more athletic performance. Grab a pair here.

Something you should listen to this week...

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Radio DJ and movie buff Edith Bowman's wonderful new podcast that focuses on how music inspires the world of cinema.

Each week the affable Scottish host sits down with a variety of directors, actors, producers and composers to discuss the contribution of music to their films and lives.

Listen on audioBoom or most other podcatchers.

Something that'll change your life...


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Amazon have added year another tool to their Swiss Army knife of online shopping by introducing the one-click Dash service to the UK.

The nifty £4.99 Dash Buttons - essentially free as you get £4.99 knocked off your first purchase - allow you to reorder a product of your choosing with just a single press. Running low on razors, loo roll or, er, condoms? Just whip out your dash button and Amazon Prime's one-day delivery will have a new batch hurtling your way with almost zero effort.

Check out the full range here.


Something that'll make you seem clever in the group chat...

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Most of us need little encouragement when it comes to booking a holiday, but it turns out that escaping abroad can actually have some considerable health benefits.

Researchers from the University of California, San Francisco and Harvard found that going away for just six days can help reduce stress, provide a boost to your immune system and even reduce some of the risk factors associated with dementia and depression.

In even better news, these positive genetic changes were still apparent a month later. Get hoovering up the rest of that annual leave, pronto. Oh and spread the message to all your mates - doctor's orders.

Something we highly recommend...


This summer we conducted a huge study into the behaviours and beliefs of men in the UK in 2016.

One of the aims of the survey was to help us better understand mental health issues, and the data allowed us to make a very important conclusion: we all need to talk more.

Read about how we can make that happen here.

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