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24th May 2019

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 141

Rich Cooper

See ya, Theresa. Wouldn’t wanna be ya

Now that the PM is going to have a bit of spare time in the near future, perhaps she’d like to peruse the back catalogue of the JOE Friday Pub Quiz.

While I’ve no doubt that Theresa was a regular on the Pub Quiz while in office, it’s possible that she may have missed a couple, probably during some of that Brexit shit that was happening.

And by the way, Theresa, if you want to get the Pub Quiz ahead of time, then you should definitely subscribe to the JOE Weekly Newsletter, so that you get access to the quiz first.

Anyway, you did your best, and it was one hundred million miles away from what was needed. But you never know, you might get the full 25/25 this week.


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