Joe Budden's official Everyday Struggle replacement has been announced 1 year ago

Joe Budden's official Everyday Struggle replacement has been announced

It's official!

The Joe Budden Everyday Struggle era has officially come to a close. His replacement has been announced and, if this is at all possible, this individual might just be more controversial than the Slaughterhouse rapper.

Joe's departure from the popular music debate show, that he co-hosted with DJ Akademiks and Nedeska Alexis, has been an ongoing talking point ever since he announced that he would be hanging up his "Media Joe" mic back in December. In most peoples eyes he was the reason the Complex show was as successful as it was.

Listing detailed reasons for his exit on his own The Joe Budden Podcast, Everyday Struggle has since struggled to gain any real traction. Interest has dipped and viewership is down. DJ Whoo Kid sat in Joe's chair for a couple of episodes but he was unable to bring the same raw and authentic energy that the often controversial Joe Budden did.

Returning after what the show called a season break, today Everyday Struggle returned Joe Budden-less but Nadeska and Akademiks introduced the latest addition to the family.

Enter controversial radio shock jock and motor mouth STAR.

STAR (real name Troi Torain) is one half of STAR & Buc Wild, the popular duo who earned their stripes fronting radio shows for various stations, including HOT 97 and Power 105.1. Not one to shy away from controversy, STAR is the same person who claimed JAY-Z sold him cocaine, offered $500 to anyone who could provide the whereabouts of then rival radio host DJ Envy's 4-year-old daughter so he could "do an R. Kelly on" her, and he's the same guy who mocked the death of Aaliyah, who tragically died in a plane crash in 2001.

Is this the type of controversy Everyday Struggle really want? Is STAR going to be under strict instructions to censor certain things? Or are Complex just desperate to get people watching and talking about the show again, so they've given him free rein to be as outrageous as possible? Only time will tell.

What do you think, is this a good move for Complex? What do you think of STAR? Do you miss Joe Budden?

The latest episode of Everyday Struggle introducing STAR is now available, watch it above.