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15th Apr 2015

Jim Davidson was so addicted to cocaine he wanted ‘extra nostrils’

This was one nasty habit...

Tony Cuddihy

C0median Jim Davidson has revealed the extent of his drug habit.

The former Big Break host told The Sun that he was once so addicted to cocaine that he wanted to have extra nostrils “surgically added.”

Davidson said that he took so much of the drug that he would lie in the corner dribbling, “semi comatose,” and described how life became “one long party.”

“At one showbiz party I was sat at a table with my nose bleeding, looking like I was about to keel over and die, and I remember wondering why Miss World, who was a guest at the do, didn’t want to talk to me,” he revealed.

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Davidson said that he would feel like Superman when he was on drugs and even took to supplying his friends.

“Life was just one long, long party. I’d end up staying up for days on end, hanging out with people I didn’t even know,” said the 61-year-old.

“All that mattered was the drugs. When I sniffed a line it gave me a huge buzz and a rush of euphoria. But as soon as that started wearing off I wanted more.”

Davidson, who recently appeared on Celebrity Big Brother, described how he would supply drugs to his friends.

“My mates used to send me down to Erith to pick up all the pills and things and come back to Woolwich.

“I didn’t go far, it’s not like I went to Peru or somewhere, but I was the bloke from the pub that used to go and get them all.”