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10th Oct 2017

Jilted First Dates guy finally gets the date he deserved

Who doesn't love a happy ending?

Darragh Murphy


After what was likely the worst moment in First Dates history, Lewis has found his match.

Viewers will have recognised Lewis from last week’s episode of the immensely popular Channel 4 show, when he suffered something of a nightmare.

The part-time wrestler was nothing but a gentleman during his date with Jade but, disobeying all social norms, Jade decided that she didn’t fancy him and left without letting him know. Shitty move, right?

Having spent most of the meal either on her phone or picking at his plate, Jade ditched Lewis and understandably inspired the nation’s scorn as the credits rolled on one of the most painful episodes to watch in recent memory.

There was no way that Lewis wasn’t going to be invited back to the restaurant by Fred and his smiley face returned to our screens on Monday night, when he was paired up with the much more polite Lauren.

The couple hit it off from the get-go and clearly enjoyed each other’s company, with Lewis literally leaving with his new date in his arms.

All’s well that ends well and fans of the show were delighted to watch the happy ending unfold.


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