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30th Dec 2015

Jeremy Clarkson sets an extremely gross standard for his new rival Top Gear show

Nooruddean Choudry

Of all the examples to use…

As the world awaits his post-Top Gear venture with old allies/foes James May and Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson is showing no signs of nerves – in fact he is incredibly relaxed about it all.

You’d think after the way he lost his job at the BBC, and the controversy around his alleged use of the n-word, he would be wary about keeping Amazon – who are pumping tens of millions of pounds into his new show – happy.

It seems that Clarkson is using the depths of the internet as his moral compass, rather than any stuffy broadcasting regulations.

“It’s unbelievably exciting to be getting cracking with it all,” admitted Clarkson in an interview with Jeremy Paxman for the Financial Times.

But… “Amazon’s on the internet, and people f*ck horses on the internet, so anything less than that is bound to be all right.”

FFS Jeremy. Not featuring bestiality is no measure of something being okay.