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02nd Apr 2016

Jeremy Clarkson looks bloodied and bruised after ‘most dangerous stunt I’ve ever attempted’

Matt Tate

As anticipation continues to build for the old Top Gear gang’s as-yet unnamed motoring show for Amazon Prime, Jeremy Clarkson shocked fans last night by tweeting a picture of his face dripping with blood.

Captioned “I survived the day. Just,” the picture was basically a close-up of Clarkson looking particularly worse for wear.

That tweet was later followed by this tongue-in-cheek announcement.

This seemed to be hinting that Clarkson and his team had been filming in Amman, Jordan, and while there was no confirmation of what had caused the injuries, a tweet the previous day had hinted at potential drama.

The Amazon Prime show, which also features Richard Hammond and James May, is expected to premiere later this year.