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30th Dec 2015

Jeremy Clarkson admits to his ultimate ‘sexy’ crush – and it’s not a car

Nooruddean Choudry

Sorry, a bit of sick just came up.

When Jeremy Clarkson sits down with Jeremy Paxman, you don’t expect the conversation to turn to who they do or don’t fancy. Or perhaps you do. Either way, they did.

The Jeremys enjoyed a nice Italian meal together whilst having a chat for the FT, and one of the more unexpected subjects of discussion was who both of them find – sorry, a bit of sick again – ‘sexy’.

It turns out that there’s one woman in particular who leaves motormouth Clarkson speechless. According to Paxman, it is celebrated actress Kristin Scott Thomas who sends the ex-Top Gear presenter “weak at the knees…”

“We debated whether the discrete shot at the end of Alien — when Sigourney Weaver slips out of her spacesuit — is the sexiest scene in film.

“He protested that distinction belongs to Kristin Scott Thomas when she gets into the bath with Ralph Fiennes in The English Patient.

“This may be why meeting her so inflates his tongue that all he can do is to gurgle and dribble in her presence. I know the feeling: the same happened when I once met Gillian Anderson.”

So got that? Clarkson fancies Kristin Scott Thomas, Paxman fancies Gillian Anderson, and we fancy erasing some very disturbing mental images from our brains.