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11th Mar 2017

Jeff Bridges brings back The Dude for John Goodman’s Walk Of Fame ceremony

Rory Cashin

The Dude abides.

John Goodman received his long-deserved star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame earlier this week, and his Big Lebowski co-star Jeff Bridges was on hand to help celebrate in way only Jeff Bridges can.

Calling back to that classic eulogy he gave his departed friend before they fail to scatter his ashes properly, Bridges starts off with “He’s a good man. He a Goodman!”, and only gets more hilariously rambling from there on.

Goodman can barely keep from cracking up in the background as Bridges finished off with “”hat time is it? Afternoon? Good afternoon, sweet prince,” before they bow at each other’s feet and give each other great big man hugs. #BFFGOALZ!

And we gotta say, that star is really tying the room together nicely…