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07th Jan 2017

Jedward entered CBB last night but all everyone could talk about was their shoes

Did you spot them?

Laura Holland

Jedward entered the Celebrity Big Brother house last night.

They had been linked with the show from the very beginning so when it was revealed that two more celebrities would be entering we knew it had to be them. Plus, Emma Willis dropped some major clues saying the new guests were “hair-raisingly good” and that they wanted to continue with some more family duos.

Jedward walked the CBB red carpet and spoke to Emma before entering the house. They didn’t go in the front door as normal, though, they were brought down a special set of stairs so that they could be snuck into the house to surprise the housemates.

Once they were ready the housemates were brought out to the garden where they waited for their entertainment for the night.

Enter Jedward.

They boys jumped out onto a makeshift stage and sang their new single Oxygen. Dressed in astronaut suits they jumped and back flipped around the place. What else would you expect from them?

But of all the excitement surrounding their entrance and performance, it’s their shoes that got everyone talking, particularly because they had teddy bears on them.