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10th Jan 2017

Jamie O’Hara reveals on CBB how he was pranked into sexting a former Spurs teammate

And the pay off was brilliant...

Simon Lloyd

Jamie O’Hara is (or was) a professional football player.

The former Spurs midfielder has been without a club since his contract at Gillingham was cancelled by mutual consent a few months back.

Still just 30, he’s clearly not quite ready to turn his back on his footballing career just yet…

…which is exactly why he’s signed himself up for Celebrity Big Brother this month.

On Monday night’s episode, O’Hara told fellow housemates all about the time he was pranked by one of his former teammates.

As he explains in the clip that can be seen below, O’Hara had been exchanging texts with a girl, when one of his teammates got hold of his phone while he was in the shower. The unnamed teammate managed to swap the girl’s number for his, meaning O’Hara continued the text conversation with his teammate, wrongly believing that he was still speaking to the girl.

Eventually, the texts take on a sexual nature and an excited O’Hara sets about trying to arrange a meeting, still blissfully unaware of what is actually going on. Having given the details of a hotel he is staying at with his teammates, O’Hara receives a text inviting him to one of its rooms.

Needless to say, what greeted him on the other side of the hotel room door wasn’t what he was expecting…

Given that O’Hara mentions how the ‘girl’ describes her dad as being a ‘massive Spurs fan’, we can safely assume this prank was played on him by one of his former Tottenham teammates. We’d love to know who.