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23rd Jun 2017

Jamie Foxx has a cracking story about Ed Sheeran staying on his couch

Paul Moore

Sheeran slept on his sofa for six weeks before he was famous. The Oscar winner also has a great take about meeting Kanye West.

During his his Oscar-winning performance in Ray, there’s a famous scene when Ray Charles is called a “cold ass bastard” after he throws all of his backing singers out of the recording studio.

Well, in real life, it’s clear that the effortlessly charming Jamie Foxx is the very opposite of that particular scene because a few months ago, a story emerged about how he let Ed Sheeran crash on his couch for six weeks.

At the time, the Thinking Out Loud and Lego House singer wasn’t the world famous star that he is today, but that didn’t matter to Foxx because in his own words :”You gotta press anybody that’s got that artistic feel, that touch, you’ve got to lift them up.”

We’re delighted to see that Foxx is teaming up with Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz director Edgar Wright for their new film, Baby Driver, and the star of Django Unchained and Collateral has lifted the lid on what it was like to have Sheeran as a temporary roommate.

Speaking on the Graham Norton Show, Foxx says that both men met each other during a radio show in LA, and after taking a shine to the musician, Foxx was more than happy to give Sheeran some help as he tried to break into the industry.

After bringing Sheeran to his house and hearing him play, Foxx remarked “He’s incredible and I’m like, ‘I know you’ve got nowhere to go but I’m like chill here.’ I’m giving him food because I’ll always champion an artist. I said ‘I think you’ve got the goods but I need to check you out,’ so I took him down to this show that I was doing every Monday in LA. There was like 800 black people. All black. Just like the best musicians in the industry and everyone was black. Black!’.

Foxx adds: “All of a sudden, I’m like ‘Here’s Ed Sheeran,’ and he pops out with his little red hair and ukulele. One of my homies – who’s this incredible guitarist but he’s true to the music – is saying to me ‘Foxx come on man. What are you doing the room!’ He (Sheeran) went out with this ukulele and got a standing ovation from the entire room and the rest was history.”

Take a look.

If you’re looking for even more proof about just how selfless Jamie Foxx is when it comes to helping the careers of other artists, this anecdote about his first meeting with Kanye West should do it.

Granted, he didn’t quite see Kanye’s talent at first, but the fact they collaborated on Gold Digger is further evidence that Foxx is one of the coolest men in Hollywood.

Take a look.

Clip via – BBC


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