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16th Dec 2019

James May on the wonder of Japanese toilets

Wayne Farry

‘You can judge a nation by its toilets’

Toilets are the great leveller. The great leveller. From the mightiest Pharaoh to the lowliest peasant, who doesn’t enjoy a good trip to the toilet? That bastardised Mr. Burns quote aside, toilets are universal.

We’ve all used one, regardless of how high tech the toilet in question was. Some people care a little more about the kind of toilet they use however, and place a large amount of importance on them.

One such person is James May, presenter of The Grand Tour and host of a brand new Amazon Prime show called Our Man In Japan, which sees him travel to the country for three months to learn as much as he can about it.

One thing he learned about, and loved, was Japanese toilets, which he told JOE about in depth.

He also went into the detail about the time he was fired from Autocar for hiding secret messages in the magazine, and everywhere he’s been let go from.

 James May: Our Man In Japan will be available on Amazon Prime Video on Friday 3rd January