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28th Dec 2016

James May says what he really thinks about Richard Hammond

Maybe it's been one captain slow joke too many.

Mike Wright

From the outside, filming shows like Top Gear and the The Grand Tour look like endless unadulterated fun.

When you’re not ragging the most expensive cars available around race tracks you’re road tripping around the most exotic parts of the globe.

And for Clarkson, Hammond and May this constitutes work. Very generously-salaried work.

All you need now is a few colleagues you get on with and it’s the perfect gig.

Well maybe it’s just been one captain slow joke or floral shirt jibe too far for James May, as recently he opened up about just how he feels about his co-hosts, particularly Richard Hammond.

In a recent interview with The Telegraph May started by giving his frank assessment of his diminutive colleague, who recently sparked controversy by airing his nonsensical views about ice cream.

Talking about what it is he finds most annoying about Hammond May said: “His face. His chirpiness and his silly little beard”.

BELFAST, NORTHERN IRELAND - MAY 21: Touch down: Richard Hammond arrives in Belfast ahead of the Clarkson, Hammond and May live arena tour on May 21, 2015 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. (Photo by Carrie Davenport/Getty Images)

Then when talking about the near-fatal crash that Hammond suffered while filming Top Gear ten years ago May added he emerged “just as much of a t**t as he always was”.

Please don’t hold back or anything James.

And he wasn’t done dishing it out to Hammond. May also gave us his hot take on The Grand Tour’s alpha male, Jeremy Clarkson.

He said he’d: “Never really changed [his] view of Jeremy, which is that he is a ‘knob”, repeating the assessment he gave of Clarkson after he assaulted a Top Gear producer, ending his and his two co-host’s BBC careers in the process.

May added that Clarkson is “a bit of a Stuckist: part of him is actually locked in the 1920s”.

Ouch. But surely this is just The Grand Tour equivalent of office banter? Right?