James Bay sits down with JOE for coffee and questions 6 years ago

James Bay sits down with JOE for coffee and questions

James Bay will be signing off 2015 as one of the best years of his life.

After becoming this year's Brits Critics' Choice Award winner, his debut record Chaos And The Calm has become the biggest artist album of the year.

Since he released the record in March, it has notched up a combined sales total of 345,000.

The 25-year-old star, who was inspired to take up the guitar after hearing Eric Clapton's hit 'Layla', is busy touring the UK. JOE caught up with James on the road...

Congratulations on the success of your album, did you imagine it would do so well?

Thanks. I didn't imagine it would do this well, you can't simply plan something like that. But I worked really hard and certainly hoped it would move a bit and people would get into it. I'm pretty over the moon at how well it's done seven months its release."
What’s been your biggest extravagance in the last year?

Guitars. Always guitars. I've found some pretty delicious ones in the past few months. But in reality, extravagance or not what I really need is a car. That's my next move.

Describe what happened on one of your best days in the last few months?

Rolling Stone (and guitar HERO) Ronnie Wood joined me onstage at one of my Brixton Academy shows recently. That's up there with one of the best by far.


And your worst?

For the first time in three years of touring I recently had to cancel a thirty minute set at the Camden Roundhouse. Hated that experience, I was completely gutted.

Ed Sheeran joined you on stage recently, name three more artists that you'd love to duet with?

Chris Martin. Feist. Sam Smith.

Johnny Marr recently refused a ticket request from David Cameron to attend his gig, are there any high profile names you’ve declined?

I'm still new to all this, I don't really know how many high profile names are even asking to come to my shows...

What artists/albums are you listening to at the moment?

Thunderbitch. It's the new solo project from Brittany Howard (lead singer of Alabama Shakes). And Jack Garratt. His album is on the way but everything he has released leading up to it is incredible. He's very new and recently joined me on stage at Brixton Academy to play some burning guitar.


What can you cook really well?

Chilli con carne. A student classic.

Name three of your heroes?

James Baldwin (author.) Bill Withers and Aretha Franklin.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve heard recently?

The same advice I've always stuck by; 'don't be a dick.'

What are you scared of?

The boogie man!

Finish the sentence: Right now, I am... getting ready to go onstage for a sold out show...GIG! GIG! GIG!

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