Jake Paul reveals goading DMs sent by Tyson Fury 8 months ago

Jake Paul reveals goading DMs sent by Tyson Fury

'He's coming for you Jakey boy'

Jake Paul has revealed Tyson Fury has been sending him taunting voice messages ahead of the Youtuber's fight with Tyson's brother, Tommy Fury.


Tommy Fury, who remains best known for his appearance in Love Island and his relationship with Molly-Mae, is set to do battle with Paul on December 18 in Florida as the pair look to settle their long-running feud.

Trash talk between the 7-0 (four KOs) Fury and the 4-0 (three KOs) Paul has been going on for months but last month a date was set for the two to face off against each other in another celebrity boxing match that the world doesn't need.

However it turns out that world heavyweight champion Fury Sr is getting involved and trying to help his younger brother out by playing mind games with Paul.


Paul revealed he had been receiving taunting and goading DMs from the heavyweight, telling him that Tommy was going to "annihilate" him.

Speaking to TMZ, Paul said: “We’re going back and forth in the DMs right now, me and Tyson, sending each other voice messages, which is pretty funny.

"I’m calling his brother a squid, he’s saying, ‘He’s gonna annihilate you Jakey boy.’

"I’ll play you one."


The YouTuber-turned-boxer then got out his phone, found the voice note and played it.

Fury can be heard shouting: "He’s coming for you Jakey boy, you’re getting annihilated Jakey."

Paul was happy to admit that he is a big fan of the British champion, saying: "It’s amazing bro, you can’t hate the guy.

"Tyson, I love – I wanna make that clear for everybody.


"I love Tyson, I love that he’s involved, great entertainer."

However that's as far as the Fury family love goes for him, as he added: "Unfortunately, I have to end his brother’s career."

Fury will be in his brother's corner on the fight night though and has been helping Tommy train, sharing clips of the gruelling regime his younger brother is going through.


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