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10th Aug 2015

It’s hip hop’s birthday…according to a new documentary

Kevin Beirne

Hip hop is old enough for its own midlife crisis.

While it can be hard to trace an entire movement’s origins back to one particular moment, a new documentary named Rubble Kings – which details New York’s street culture of the 60s and 70s – has concluded that August 11, 1973 is the day hip hop was born.

According to the documentary, it was on this date that Clive Campbell – aka DJ Kool Herc – debuted his new style at his sister’s birthday party in the New York borough of the Bronx.

Campbell had noticed that people waited for the drum breaks to bust out their best dance moves…

Rubble Kings claims that Campbell then spent the better part of a year messing around with his turntables to find a way to make these breaks longer – accidentally inventing hip hop along the way.

Check out the trailer for Rubble Kings below…


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