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24th Apr 2018

It was just announced that Love Island is coming to Netflix

This is great news for fans of love and islands

Wayne Farry

This is actually happening.

Did you finish watching Love Island last year and immediately want to watch more immediately, just to sate your desire for on-again off-again romances which have been conceived and killed in front of the eyes of the world?

Of course you did. And if you say no then you are a stone cold liar who is either unwilling to admit their true feelings or in possession of such a husk of a heart that you cannot enjoy watching two good looking people fall in and out of love.

If you say yes, well done! Because Love Island is coming to Netflix to brighten up your summer days. No longer will you have to worry about getting on a plane, putting on a bathing suit and speaking to strangers in a warm country, instead you can simply put on the kettle and re-watch some of the best and worst people in television history decide whether they love or hate each other.

Unfortunately, only the 2015 and 2016 seasons of the show will be available, with the incredibly popular 2017 addition not yet ready to hit the internet airwaves.

As disappointing as that may sound, just think of it as an opportunity to acquaint yourself with a slightly less relevant group of adorable narcissists just in time for the new season.

Both of the seasons hit Netflix on May 1st, which will give you just enough time to watch a few shows that you don’t secretly hate beforehand.