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03rd Dec 2018

It looks like a Black Mirror episode could be coming to Netflix very soon

Rudi Kinsella

We need some Black Mirror in our lives…

Black Mirror is definitely one of the best things that Netflix has to offer.

It has changed the way a lot of people look at technology in society, and despite the fact that it very often results in the demise of the world around us, it’s an incredibly interesting insight into a potential life that we really aren’t a million miles away from.

Which is why we would be pretty damn excited about it returning to our screens soon.

And there’s a strong rumour that we don’t have too long to wait…

A number of people appear to have seen a tweet posted by the official Netflix account that states that an episode of the series entitled Bandersnatch, will be released on 28 December.

The tweet in question was supposedly posted by the American Netflix account, which makes the entire situation even more confusing, given that the series is created and produced in Britain.

New seasons of Black Mirror have been released in December of 2017 and 2016, so this might make more sense than you’d think.

Fingers crossed.

It would be somewhat fitting if this was all a big hoax, and us technology-obsessed fans are getting hyped up over absolutely a fake tweet that never really existed in the first place.

Charlie Brooker you evil genius…