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03rd Aug 2017

IT has released some new footage and you’ll be creeped the hell out

Paul Moore

At 135 minutes, this will be longer than most horror films.

Squeamish? Easily scared? Afraid of evil clowns that have the ability to traumatise an entire generation and make everyone have an irrational fear of the sewer?

Of course you are! We all float down here.

The wait is nearly over as part one of Andrés Muschietti’s new version of Stephen King’s classic novel – and the beloved mini-series – IT reaches the big screen.

The first two trailers gave us a clear indication of the horrors to come, but crucially, the latest TV spots give more examples of Pennywise’s unnerving voice and his ability to get into your head.

In case you’re unfamiliar, the story revolves around a group of teens called the Losers Club as they’re forced to confront an unspeakable evil whose history of murder and violence in the town of Derry, Maine dates back for centuries.

Recently, we discovered that Tilda Swinton was considered to play the terrifying clown, but after seeing the first two trailers and the latest footage, we’re confident that Bill Skarsgård (Hemlock Grove) will be utterly terrifying.

In an interview with Joblo , Muschietti says that Skarsgård ‘s take on the character is very close to Stephen King’s version. “For us, the Pennywise is the Pennywise in the book which is quite different. I think Bill went for that and he did an amazing, amazing performance and we gave him several tests. Again, because he’s a shape shifter, we wanted to make sure that he could play in different grades, right? And he did. He’s amazing. And what’s even more amazing is that he kept the character very unpredictable, and that’s what scares us the most, when you don’t know what way he’s going to go,” he said.

8th September can’t come soon enough.