It didn't take long for 'Game of Thrones' customised Hodor doorstops to appear 5 years ago

It didn't take long for 'Game of Thrones' customised Hodor doorstops to appear

SPOILER WARNING: If you still haven't seen the latest Game Of Thrones episode yet, then please do so before reading this.



It's probably fair to say that this week's episode 'The Door' had one of the most gut-wrenching endings in the history of the show, as we said goodbye to gentle giant Hodor (at least in the form we know him), and learned the tragic origins of his one-word vocabulary.

Hodor's unwavering loyalty to time-travelling Bran and the sacrifice he made to save him from the Night's King struck a chord with GoT fans everywhere, who discovered in real time that "Hodor" was a shortened version of "Hold the door" - an instruction burned into the boy formerly known as Willy's brain from a young age.

But if you're worried that poor old Hodor is fated to become just another number in the ever-skyrocketing GoT death count, then never fear. People all over the internet are paying tribute to him with customised doorstops.

We'll start with the most up-market offering. A Kickstarter campaign for a "Hold The Door Memorial Door Stop" has already exceeded its $500 pledge target. The stops are hand-made and laser-engraved. Only the best for Hodor. The cynical among you might argue that it's too soon to be profiting from the (fictional) dead, but you can't deny that one of these would look great on your living room floor.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 11.27.45 Kickstarter


There's also this one, available to buy on Etsy.

hodor stop

And we didn't have to spend long scouring Twitter to find loads more fan-made door stops.



Rest in peace Hodor, even if deep down we all fear you'll soon be back on our screens as a death-hungry White Walker.