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14th Dec 2017

It appears that Amir Khan is still confused about his campmates

Anna O'Rourke

Poor old Amir Khan.

He may be a champion boxer but one or two things slip by him every now and again, in case you hadn’t noticed.

He had some absolute clangers during his spell in the jungle on I’m A Celebrity, including the time he asked if the UK had ever had a female Prime Minister and when he admitted he didn’t know he was being filmed while he was chatting in the Bush Telegraph.

Now his old campmate Jack Maynard has revealed that Amir seems to be just as confused in the outside world too.

Jack only spent a few days in the jungle but was still added to the group chat that all of the this year’s celebs are in and has revealed that Amir doesn’t quite get what’s going on.

“I’ve been speaking to them in a lovely WhatsApp group with all of us,” Jack said on Trending Live.

“I’ve been speaking to all of them separately as well. Everyone’s in it, even Stanley.

“Amir just has no idea who anyone is. Everything you say is just, ‘Who’s this? Who said that?'”

Sounds about right.

Jack, meanwhile, looks to be moving on after his short jungle stint.

He was pulled from the show after just two days after some offensive old tweets of his resurfaced.

Since the show ended he’s been linked to this year’s winner Toff.

He admitted on-air that they had been messaging since she left the jungle on Sunday and we have to say that they’re a couple we’d love to see.


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