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17th Mar 2018

The date Phelan *finally* makes his Coronation Street exit has appears to have been revealed

All hell is set to break loose next week

Cathy Donohue

The date Coronation Street fans have been waiting for.

Viewers have been hoping that Pat Phelan would exit the show for some time now but the murderous villain has escaped unscathed from many a close call.

However, the gig might *finally* be up as next week’s spoilers show that Eileen finally finds out the truth about her beloved partner.

According to Digital Spy, Phelan persuaded Eileen to join him on a break to the seaside but instead of a romantic getaway, all hell breaks loose.

Although there will be a build-up to these scenes over the coming days, the big finale is set to air on Friday, 30 March if all the speculation is true.

We’ve previously heard that Phelan would fall from a cliff while away with his other half so that would all make sense given the timing of this week’s mini break.

It looks like we’ll have to wait until next week to be certain but early indications suggest that we might be about to wave goodbye to the evil villain, one of the most hated characters to ever feature on the soap.

And let’s just say, it won’t be a moment too soon for these Corrie fans…