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03rd Nov 2022

‘Incredible’ Netflix drama series is so good people are binge-watching it in one night

Charlie Herbert

Inside Man being binged

David Tennant and Stanley Tucci in a thriller? Yes please

People have been raving over new BBC thriller-drama series Inside Man after it landed on Netflix ahead of the weekend.

The mini-series stars David Tennant as a priest and Stanley Tucci as a death row prisoner, and if that hasn’t already got your attention then I’m not sure what will.

At just four episodes long, many have been bingeing the series in one night after it arrived on Netflix on Halloween.

And if you haven’t got Netflix then fear not, it is also available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

The series synopsis reads: “A prisoner on death row in the US and a woman trapped in a cellar under an English vicarage, cross paths in the most unexpected way.”

Along with starring Tennant and Tucci, the series was created by Steven Moffat, the man behind some of the most memorable (and scariest) Doctor Who episodes of recent years and Sherlock.

Many have been raving about Inside Man online, with some labelling it “absolutely brilliant” and “beautifully crafted.”

One person said it was so good that they had stayed up “5 hours before I have to wake up” because it had them hooked.

Even the more negative reviews might have you intrigued, with the series being called “bonkers.”

Another tweeted: “#InsideMan is the dumbest, most unrealistic ridiculousness I’ve ever seen lol There’s so many reasons none of that even had to happen. That being said it’s kinda entertaining lol.”

And people still had nothing but praise for Tennant and Tucci’s cast.

So it sounds like no matter what, you certainly won’t find this series boring, and that’s got to make it worth a binge surely?

And anything with David Tennant in is already a winner if you ask me.

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