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25th Jun 2017

Impressed viewers were saying the same thing as Ed Sheeran closed Glastonbury 2017

'How is this possible?'


And so the honour of headlining the final night of Glastonbury 2017 fell to Ed Sheeran.

Taking to the legendary Pyramid Stage on Sunday evening, the 26-year-old played a number of his most recognisable songs before a crowd of thousands.

Of course, millions more were watching his performance on television, with enough of them tweeting about it to see Sheeran’s name soaring high at the top of Twitter’s trending table for most of the night.

Aside from commenting on the music (or even the man responsible for it), many of those watching on the telly appeared more concerned with how so many of the crowd had managed to preserve enough battery life on their mobile phones to still be shining their torch lights on the final night of the festival…

For those people also wondering how people still had enough juice in their phones for this to be possible, we should point out that their were charging tents at this year’s event for those people wanting to keep their batteries topped up. Also, there’s now such a thing as external charging packs.