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21st Dec 2016

If you own any of these old Disney VHS tapes, they could be worth a fortune

Have a quick look through your mum's collection

Megan Roantree

Do you have any of these?

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt over the years, it’s to hold on to everything that could one day become nostalgic. Basically becoming a hoarder could actually make you pretty rich in the long run.

From old iPods to rare coins, there are plenty of things lying around your house that are probably quite valuable.

If you still manage to have some of your old Disney VHS tapes it’s time to auction them off on Ebay as they could be worth thousands of euro.

They may have just been collecting dust on a shelf/in your attic but some of the classic Disney films are actually in demand.

This unopened edition of Aladdin which is Black Diamond VHS Deluxe Collectors item, is on Ebay for £16,500.


This sealed copy of Beauty and the Beast is on sale for £15,000.


Of course, the unopened ones are worth much more but even if you have opened yours and watched it all through your childhood, there are still plenty of people interested.

A used copy of Lady and the Tramp is currently selling on Ebay for £6,300.


An opened copy of Cinderella is worth £2,100.


This Little Mermaid VHS is up for sale at £950.


The Sword and the Stone, Pinnochio, Dumbo and other Disney classics are all up for sale on Ebay for hundreds if not thousands of euro, if have a look in your attic if you’re in need of some cash.

All images via Ebay.