Idris Elba had a casting call in London for his new film and the reaction was crazy 4 years ago

Idris Elba had a casting call in London for his new film and the reaction was crazy

The star of Luther and The Wire had to cancel because so many people turned up.

In Idris Elba's superb show Luther, DCI John Luther spends the majority of his time working in the shadows as he attempts to catch some of London's most notorious and elusive criminals..


Nothing comes easy for Elba's character because he's constantly striving, toiling and searching to find the right person.

The same can be said about this open casting call for a new film that's directed by Idris Elba and set in Hackney's Afro-Carribean community.

Even a small part is a start.

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Stringer Bell had a veritable army of loyal followers in The Wire, and life has imitated art because Elba had to cancel this open casting call after too many people turned up.

Elba says "the response for the open casting was unbelievable" but he was asked to shut it down "because of the numbers. I don't want to shut it down, but I have to."



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Two hours into the casting, which took place at Whitmore Community Centre on Phillipp Street, a member of staff reportedly called the police amid concerns about the number of people who had turned up.

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said: “Officers attended the location and spoke with staff. The planned event – an audition – has been cancelled by the organisers following discussion with police.”

If you want proof of Elba's popularity, take a look at the size of the crowds.



If you fancy starring alsongside Elba, you can still send your application to [email protected] Best of luck!